Tips and tricks to make your jewelry last

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid your jewelry from becoming tarnished and to ensure they stay nice and shiny. It’s time to give your jewelry some love!

  • Store each piece in it's own bag.  Keep your accessories in the bags or pouches they came in to prevent them from tarnishing and getting scratched.


  • Apply lotion, perfume and makeup before putting your jewelry on. The oils and ingredients in your cosmetics may tarnish and damage your jewelry over time. Avoid jewelry coming into direct contact with perfume and alcohol-based products. Always make sure you put your jewelry on last.


  • Avoid contact with water Avoid getting your jewelry wet. Water can cause metal to rust and / or tarnish. Take your jewelry off before showering or bathing. Never go swimming with your jewelry on as pool chemicals can damage metals.



  • Clean and polish.  Wipe your jewelry with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth or use a jewelry cleaner kit to keep them shiny and to make sure they stay in good condition.
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