ARM CANDY – Stacking bracelets

Jewelry stacking, like wearing a lot of rings together and layering necklaces, is a hot trend and is a lot of fun. We are going to show you how to mix and match different colors and styles, intermingle metals and textures to create a unique combination, that can range from simple and glam to boho-chic.


  1. Start simple

Start with just 3 to 4 bracelets that share a unifying trait, with different widths and colors. Or consider mixing chain, string, charm, beaded bracelets. Experiment on one arm before you attempt both.

  1. Mix and match

When it comes to combining bracelets, you don’t want matchy-matchy. The most striking looks blend various metals, textures, shapes and colors to get a stylish arm candy. Throw a bohemian string cord or leather up against some chains or pearl bracelets and mix beaded bracelets with solid ones without going overboard.

  1. Don’t go overboard

If you’re stacking lots of bracelets, you shouldn´t wear tons of other jewelry, especially heavy rows of stacked rings. It is not about the number of bracelets but achieving a winning combination. And if you’re accessorizing both arms, it is best to keep the number of bracelets to a minimum.

  1. Have fun!

The best part of stacking bracelets is that there are no rules, just do it the way you like and feel most comfortable. Put your own twist on this trend; try new combinations, flaunt your personality and let the fun begin!

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